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"What deficiencies would result from a diet consisting of 5 liters of milkshake a day?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat deficiencies would result from a diet consisting of 5 liters of milkshake a day?


my friend, aged 56, exists on a diet of 5 litres of chocolate or strawberry milkshake a day, made with skimmed milk, and maybe a packet of chocolate sweets and maybe a tablespoon of regular food, she is putting on a lot of weight


You are correct to be concerned about your friend's diet consisting of only milkshakes. It is important and would be beneficial to your friend to see a physician to have basic blood work drawn. In addition, she can be referred to a nutritionist who can help educate her on the importance of a balanced diet, and simple ways to eat a balanced diet while listening to her reasons for maintaining a diet of milkshakes. The types of ingredients described, including chocolate sweets and milk, are high in fat and high in sugar. Therefore these can lead to weight gain. Over time, this type of diet in addition to overweight can lead to problems such as elevated blood sugars, even leading to diabetes mellitus, which is an elevated blood sugar level, where the body is no longer able to lower the sugar with insulin made by the pancreas to a normal level. Diabetes has many complications, including on the heart, kidneys, eyes, nerves and other areas. Many deficiencies could result in a sustained diet only consisting of milkshakes. While milk contains calcium and can contain vitamin D, it lacks many other nutrients. For example, meats and fish contain iron and B12, is essential for building new red blood cells which carry oxygen. Vegetables also contain iron, as well as folic acid, and fruits contain vitamin A, D, C, and E. You may want to discuss these issues with your friend, though, again, she should see her doctor.

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