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"Spot on foot won't heal, what should I do?"

ZocdocAnswersSpot on foot won't heal, what should I do?


So I have this round spot on my foot and I can't figure out what it is at first I thought it was a plantar wart so I got wart medication put that on then duck tape but the only thing that happened was that spot got soft and raised up, it does bleed sometimes but doesn't have black dots like plantar warts do and doesn't look like alot of the pictures I have seen. When I let it air out it does dry up but just gets darker but still does heal. It has been weeks now and I have researched everything and couldn't have anything similar, I'm starting to get worried, please help.


Please speak with a doctor about this question. A podiatrist may be the best place to start, as this is a health care provider who deals specifically treats problems related to the most distal aspects of the lower extremity. Your primary care provider may also be able to provide valuable information and some of the simple ideas for what could be causing your problem. Often, it is appropriate for a primary care doctor to provide a first attempt at treatment before speaking with a specialist, but this can be altered depending on the level of acuity of the problem and the concerns that you may have. There are several things that this spot could be. First, it certainly could be a wart. The viruses that cause these are very common, and there are some over the counter medications that can be quite effective at treating these. As you have suggested, if it is not getting better with this kind of treatment, it is effective to speak with a doctor. Just like any other body part, you can get moles and other skin lesions on your foot. In some rare cases, these can be signs of skin cancer. Another possibility is a sign of infection. Please speak with your doctor.

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