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"I have low ALT (7), UIBC (116) and low C-4 (18). Is it ok?"

ZocdocAnswersI have low ALT (7), UIBC (116) and low C-4 (18). Is it ok?


I have a excessive cough, my hepatitis panel is still pending. I'm a 26 year old Hispanic male. I lately have been working with chemicals but not everyday.


It is hard to interpret these laboratory studies out of context, especially since there is little information about the symptoms you are having or your medical history. I'd recommend that you sit down and discuss these results with the doctor who ordered them, preferably after all the results are in and can be interpreted together. It sounds like you have a hepatitis panel pending still, although the fact that your liver function test (ALT) is not elevated makes an active hepatitis unlikely. UIBC is a test that is usually used to detect iron deficiency, in which case it is high, not low like in your case. Most cases of a low UIBC are normal, although sometimes this can indicate iron overload or a chronic inflammatory process, if other lab tests are also abnormal. C-4 is one of the components of the immune system, and sometimes low C-4 levels can occur in certain inflammatory conditions or in certain immune deficiencies. In your case, the level is just barely low, however. On the whole, these three results of yours do not seem extremely altered, and I'd suggest that you work with the doctor who knows you best to figure out what might be going on.

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