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"If your doctor sends you to a perinatal doctor does that mean your high risk?"

ZocdocAnswersIf your doctor sends you to a perinatal doctor does that mean your high risk?


My doctor is sending me to see one but didn't say why and I'm wondering if it means I'm high risk or if it could just simply be a check up


The best way to find out why your doctor (presumably your OB/GYN) is sending you to a perinatal specialist is to ask him or her! In general, perinatal specialists (also known as maternal-fetal medicine specialists) do take care of women with higher-risk pregnancies. However, there can be a broad range of reasons why a general OB/GYN may refer a woman to a specialist. This can include a woman's age or medical comorbidities; the type of pregnancy (ie twins or multiple gestations); a previous history of difficult pregnancies (unexplained fetal loss, for example); or sometimes events which occur during a pregnancy (suggestion of possible abnormal fetal development). Your doctor may simple want a specialist to meet you and review your history because of a single detail, or he or she may have a specific reason for thinking that you might need to follow with a specialist throughout the rest of your pregnancy to try and ensure the best possible outcome for your and your baby. You can definitely discuss this with your regular OB/GYN or the perinatologist when you meet him or her. Hopefully they can put your mind at ease and answer any additional questions you might have about your pregnancy.

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