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"Lump on my 3 years old kid after a fall didnt fade away, shall i be worried?"

ZocdocAnswersLump on my 3 years old kid after a fall didnt fade away, shall i be worried?


When my kid was 2 years old he slipped on marble floor and bumped his head on the floor. Next day I noticed a goosy egg on left side of his head. I did apply ice into it and observed him for 24 hours. There wasn’t any change in his memory or state of consciousness, difficulty to awaken him, persistent or severe headache, seizures, balance problems, nausea or vomiting. He seemed absolutely fine. After 3 weeks, the lump became smaller yet I could still feel it and hence took him to doctor for further check-up. The doctor suggested X-Ray and the result was pretty normal and informed us it will fade during the time. My kid is 3 and ½ now yet it didn’t fade away, should I be worry?


Thanks for your question, and sorry to hear about the lump. I recommend speaking with your doctor about your concern. There are a few different things that it could be. Most often, these sort of accidents can cause scarring of the affected area that can take some time for the skin to soften and the scar to relax. In other situations, the bruise itself can harden and calcify, in which case the bruise and bump can be something that stays permanently. In other cases, the scar can turn into a fatty tumor or a fatty tumor could incidentally grow in the same area. Most often, these sort of problems are not something serious that needs to be addressed, as your doctor suggested when you saw him or her last. Of course, as you are worried, there is the risk that this could be something more. Speaking with your doctor is therefore the appropriate next step, as your son has not had a complete resolution of your problem as you had hoped. If your family care doctor is not able to reassure you or help you fully, an ear nose and throat surgeon may also be able to help. Please speak with your doctor about this issue and the next steps, if any.

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