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" I have been shaving since when i was 17, and i still face some rashes on my face. Is there any treatment to it? "


Hi, I am 29 years old man and need to have some queries about shaving. I have been shaving since when i was 17, and i still face some rashes on my face . Please provide me some remedies to this . I also have similar questions . Do I need to shave my arm pits and my groin area ? If yes , how often should I do it and will that also cause some rashes on my skin ? Thanks in advance.....................


Thanks for your question. First, the decision to shave is a personal one that must be made in context of cultural and social cues as well. There is almost never a medical reason to shave regularly.

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This also applies to whether or not you should shave your axilla and groin. If you do choose to shave these regions, please exercise caution when doing so in order to avoid injury that can allow bacteria to get in through the skin and cause infections, which can sometimes become serious. Now, moving on to your first question, there are several reasons that a person will get a rash when they shave (or get a rash for any reason), and I recommend discussing this with your doctor. Allergic reactions to the gel or cream that you are using are a possible explanation, but are less common than simple irritation of the skin itself. Some people will have more sensitive skin than others, and there are some people who run the risk of causing scarring that can persist for some time if they do choose to shave their face (some of the people who run this risk are those who have had keloids in the past). There are products and ointments that can help. Please speak with your doctor.

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