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"My sister who is 9 is suffering from recurrent fever since the last 5 days. What is the treatment for it?"


she is taking antibiotics and has troat infection now and had typhoid 10 days back. please tell us the treatment we are very worried dur to her recurrent fever of intensity 99 or 100 farenheit


Thanks for your question and sorry to hear that she remains ill. I am, however, glad to hear that she is receiving some treatment. There are a few possible explanations for the fact that she is still having some fevers so it is important to speak with a doctor.

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Perhaps the most concerning is the thought that she could still have active infection that is not responding to the antibiotics. This can sometimes happen in the case of an abscess or some other situation in which the infection has been able to wall itself off from the blood supply and thus the ability of the antibiotics to reach the infection. In this sort of situation, further intervention is usually necessary, either with more and stronger antibiotics, or perhaps even drainage of a collection of pus and bacteria. Another possibility is that the fever represents the body's response to the infection as it tries to heal fully. Most doctors will consider low grade fevers (such as those 100F or less) in a different category then high fevers (such as those of 101F or higher). The low grade fevers are more often to be explained by something other than active infection, and are sometimes not as concerning. Please speak with your doctor more about this question and your sister's health.

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