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"What can cause fluid to be in the Morrison's pouch? "

ZocdocAnswersWhat can cause fluid to be in the Morrison's pouch?


I have went to the doctor and found out i have fluid in mu morrisons pouch. Still waiting for the cat scan but i was just wondering why the pains on both sides whats wrong with fluid in the morrisons pouch and what i should do as i wait to get my cat scan. What all could cause fluid to be in there do i need to worry its been leaving me on edge and want to know all the problems so i know what to do and not to do when waiting to get my cat scan done


I would suggest that you have an open discussion with your doctor, who knows your medical history and physical examination first-hand. Morrison's pouch describes a potential physical space in the abdomen. This space is located between the liver and the right kidney, and is normally a closed space. There are a number of causes that could explain fluid in this pouch. if there has been recent trauma or bleeding in the abdomen, it can often be discovered in this location. Free fluid in the pouch that is not bleeding, known as ascites, can commonly be caused by problems with the heart, liver, or kidneys. Heart failure can lead to fluid backing up into the liver, abdomen, and legs. Liver failure, cirrhosis or portal hypertension is also a common cause. There are several causes of cirrhosis, common causes include alcohol use and hepatitis. Nephrotic syndrome, a kidney disorder, can lead to fluid as well. In women, unexplained ascites,or fluid in the abdomen, can be caused by ovarian cancer, and this should be assessed on the CT scan. Other cancers within the abdomen could also lead to ascites. I would encourage you to have an open discussion with your doctor while you wait for the CT scan.

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