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"Could I have herpes?"

ZocdocAnswersCould I have herpes?


red bumps near clitoris..could it be herpes? may have shaved tip of bumps or or may have been open cuts all along, im not sure


There are several potential causes of red bumps around the clitoris that should be evaluated by a doctor, preferably OBGYN, to rule out a sexually transmitted disease. The first are genital warts caused by the human papilloma virus. They usually look like irregular, soft, fleshy protrusions of skin on a wide base and are usually painless. Another possibility is herpes with sores appearing initially as rounded blisters filled with clear fluid that sit on a red base. When they rupture they can form small ulcers. They are usually quite painful or have a burning sensation associated with them. If herpes is suspected, a viral culture at the time the rash breaks out (especially if there are blisters) will confirm the diagnosis. Direct staining and microscopic examination of the lesion sample may also be used. If it is after a few weeks for your immune system to develop a response, you could get a blood test to see if you have antibodies against herpes. If you don't then you didn't have it. However, genital warts and herpes are not the only conditions that can cause red bumps on the genital. It could be another sexually transmitted disease or something harmless like contact dermatitis or eczema. Only your doctor can tell the difference between the different types of genital bumps. The best thing you can do is go see your doctor for a complete physical examination and to have some tests done.

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