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"Are there ANY other options besides removal when it comes to wisdom teeth?"

ZocdocAnswersAre there ANY other options besides removal when it comes to wisdom teeth?


I can see my wisdom tooth growing in on my left bottom side. Its is sticking out of my gums and has been that way for over 5-6months. It doesnt hurt really, just discomfort in my gums where the tissue is ripping. I know everyone says "You need them it'll just get worse" but I have the biggest phobia of medical things.The thought of the IV terrifies me. So since it doesn't really hurt, could I get by without bringing up and having a the terrible surgery?


Thanks for your question. Not everyone needs to have their 3rd molars, or wisdom teeth, removed, so it is important to discuss it with your dentist. This depends on a number of different factors. Perhaps the most important of these has to do with the overall health and spacing of the other teeth in your mouth. Often, the mouth can become crowded as the 3rd molars come into their normal spacing, which can lead to other dental problems. Perhaps more importantly, it can be difficult to maintain proper dental hygiene on these teeth due to their location, and so it can be important to have them removed. Another reason for removal is that some people may choose to have other, cosmetic, dental work done, in which case many dentists and orthodontists will recommend having 3rd molars removed first so as to prevent any future changes that could lead to problems. It is quite common to have at least some fear of "medical things," and your dentist or oral surgeon can help you to feel more comfortable. There is excellent pain medication available that can help you to recover, if you need to have them removed. Please speak with your dentist or oral surgeon about this question to see if yours need to be removed.

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