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"Why did my cuts started leaving scars when they have never before?"


Hello Doctor, For some reason, every single cut I started getting recently, began leaving scars on my skin. I am a girl and quite often I would shave and get cuts on my legs, which they all always went away after a week or so. Now however, all recent (1-2 months) cuts I got left purple/red scars on my skin. To make things worse, I am a soccer player and blood injuries (legs, knees, thighs, feet, elbows, arms) cannot be avoided. I am very heartbroken over this since now I can no longer wear skirts, shorts or dresses or even short-sleeved shirts (from falling down and scrapping my arm and elbow). Could this be due to some vitamin deficiency? By the way, I am 18.


Thank you for your question. I would advise you to speak with your doctor because you have had a change in the way that your body is healing, and this could indicate many potential causes. Nutritional deficiencies can present in many different ways, and one of the more common ways for patients to present with a lack of a certain vitamin or mineral is with decreased wound healing.

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For example, a lack of vitamin c can be a common cause of poor wound healing, and was called scurvy back in the times of the sailors who explored the world. In addition to these nutritional deficiencies, other things can cause this delayed healing. Poor blood supply can often inhibit healing, and this could come from either not having enough blood (perhaps losing too much blood during a heavy period), not eating well enough to make red blood cells, or not being able to get blood to parts of the body that need to heal due to vascular problems. Regardless of what the cause may be, you do need to speak with a doctor soon to make sure that you get the treatment you need. Please speak with your doctor in the near future.

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