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" I feel tingling and itching around and in my lips, it also feels really dry. Could it be cold sore? "

ZocdocAnswers I feel tingling and itching around and in my lips, it also feels really dry. Could it be cold sore?


i tried taking anti-histamine because i thought i was an allergic reaction then still feels the same after. then i tried vaseline and carmex lip balm. it's been weeks and i still feel the itching and tingling. i don't have blisters


Sorry to hear about this persistent pain that you have been feeling. Tingling and itching in the lips can come from a number of different factors, so it is important to speak with your doctor. One of the more common causes, especially during the winter months, is the sample need to keep the lips moist. In addition to lip balms and moisturizers, good hydration (by drinking lots of water, especially) is very important. During the winter months, when the air tends to be more dry in some parts of the world, this is quite important. Other things that can cause tingling in the lips include infections such as viruses that can cause cold sores (in the family of herpes viruses) and other types of viruses. Often, herpes outbreaks will have a period of time of pain and tingling before there is any obvious change to the skin, or any obvious sore (such as the cold sore that you are discussing). Shingles can often affect the nerves of the body and result in a tingling and itching sensation. It is also caused by a virus that can last for years in a dormant state in the nerve cells in the body. There are other things that can cause your symptoms, so please speak with your doctor.

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