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"Is it normal if you have to pee every minute after having sex for the first time?"

ZocdocAnswersIs it normal if you have to pee every minute after having sex for the first time?


I had currently had sex for the first time. And since then i been getting the feeling of peeing.Everytime I pee it Burns a lot nd right alway I get the feeling of peeing again. I wanna know if this is normal or if this is symptoms of pregnancy or something worse.


It sounds like you may have urinary urgency and I recommend that you speak with your primary care doctor to be evaluated. Urinary urgency could be a sign of a urinary tract infection (UTI). Woman are more prone to getting UTI's. UTI's can occur from the tip of the urethra to the kidneys. If the UTI is in the bladder, it can cause urinary urgency or the sensation that you have to go urinate. The chance that you get a UTI is higher when you have sexual intercourse because the penis can introduce bacteria near the urethra. Women also have a shorter urethra than women so the bacteria have a higher chance to migrate towards the kidneys. The other condition that you should ensure that you do not have is a sexually transmitted disease (STD). STD's can cause dysuria which is pain when you are urinating. You should make an appointment with your primary care doctor to have your symptoms evaluated. They can test your urine for a UTI and STD's. Both can be treated with antibiotics. They can also test your urine to rule out that you are pregnant. If you are sexually active, you should consider using a condom to prevent an unplanned pregnancy or STD.

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