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"The left side of my head feel really hot and it runs down my neck. What could this be?"


I hit my head about two weeks ago followed by headaches, dizziness with frequent falls, pressure in my head and irritability. Those things are gradually getting better so I wasn't sure if they could be related...I am 24


After a traumatic head injury, it is important to speak with your doctor if you have any persistent symptoms or have any short term symptoms that are serious. Headaches and dizziness are symptoms that can sometimes be associated with a concussion and other serious head injuries. Other concerning symptoms can include loss of consciousness, vision changes, loss of normal abilities such as ability to move all sides of the face symmetrically, speech, or mobility.

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Additionally, if you regularly take blood thinners such as warfarin or even aspirin, this can increase your risk of having a bleed on the inside of your head that can be quite serious. Sometimes, a seemingly minor trauma can have persistent or progressive symptoms that can be an early warning sign of something more serious. With regards to the warmth that you describe, it is hard to know what this could be without more information. There are times that people will describe nerve pain as a radiating warmth or tingling down a single body part, which can be a sign of a nerve that has been or is being injured. Your doctor will need to know about this, and may recommend further testing. Please speak with your doctor.

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