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"Is there a surgery to cure bloody nose?"

ZocdocAnswersIs there a surgery to cure bloody nose?


I was curious is it possible to get surgery for a person to get so every time they are sexually attracted they get a bloody nose?


I am not totally sure I understand what you are asking, but my interpretation from this question is that when you are sexually aroused you get a bloody nose, and you want to know if this can be fixed with a surgery. This is an important question to discuss with an ENT. Epistaxis (the medical term for nose bleeds) typically occurs secondary to a prominent vessel along the anterior septal mucosa. The septum is the divider that goes down the middle of the nose. The mucosa is the lining that covers the cartilage of the septum. Often times there is a prominent vessel along the septum that dries out and cracks, or gets irritated and then bleeds. Since the septum has a lot of blood supply, it is not surprising that some nose bleeds can be very bad. If I were guessing, I would say that you may have some prominent vessels within your nose that puts you at risk for nose bleeds, then when you are excited your heart rate goes up, as does your blood pressure, which may be what leads to you having a nose bleed. There are definitely other causes for epistaxis, which is why it is important to get evaluated by an ENT to make sure that there isn'y something more serious going on. Nasal cautery (which can be done in the office) will often take care of most nose bleeds.

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