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"I've broken/sprained my toe and I don't have insurance to go get an x-ray. Is there anything i can do to heal this?"

ZocdocAnswersI've broken/sprained my toe and I don't have insurance to go get an x-ray. Is there anything i can do to heal this?


About a month and a half-two months ago i fell. I was wearing a pair of high heeled shoes and stept on uneven ground causing me to twist my foot and fall. My right foot twisted oit of my shoe and if i remember correctly my big toe kind of stayed in the shoe as the rest of my foot came out. I still have a hreat deal of pain the my toe, it never bruised, but the top of my big toe where the main joint is (where my toe connects to my foot) is red and my whole foot gets swollen. I dont have insurance to go get an xray, is there anything i can do to heal this? Such as a walking cast?


Thanks for your question. I recommend that you speak with your doctor about this question. While many fractures of the toes do not require treatment, and will readily heal with time, there are some few that do require more aggressive intervention to prevent long term pain and even symptoms that can be consistent with arthritis. Unfortunately, this will often require an x-ray to help with the diagnosis. Even more than the x-ray, you may need to have the injury be treated in order to make sure that it heals appropriately. Failure to do so may result in long term problems that will ultimately be much more problematic than the amount of money that it may cost now. There are, however, many free clinics that are available in most large cities in America and can help with those who are unable to afford healthcare. Most larger hospitals will also often have avenues for patients to be able to get care when they are otherwise unable to afford it, and you can discuss this with them. At this point, a couple of months removed from the injury, it may be harder to achieve an optimal result, but it is still important to make sure that you are not causing further problems. Please speak with your doctor about this question.

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