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"Is there a whooping cough vaccine for people with a severe latex allergy?"

ZocdocAnswersIs there a whooping cough vaccine for people with a severe latex allergy?


My dad & step-mom want me to get vaccinated for whooping cough because I live with them and my 5 month old half sister but I've read that you shouldn't get the vaccine if you have a severe latex allergy, which I do.


I'm not sure where you might have gotten that information from, but the CDC website does list some reasons not to get vaccinations, and might be worth reviewing. In short, the CDC recommends against vaccinations when a person has had an adverse event in the past with regards to that specific vaccine or one like it. While there are a few variables that can change between vaccinations, that is the most common denominator between reasons that the CDC says a person should not get a vaccine. If you google "vaccine contraindications" you will find a list of reasons that the CDC says a person should avoid vaccines, and it does go into some depth regarding each vaccine. Now, it is true that some doctor's offices do use latex gloves, and it is true that if you have a latex allergy that would not be a good idea. Speaking with your doctor about this specific question that you have will also help you to understand if there are specific things that you should be worried about at your doctor's office, and if there are things that can be changed to keep you safe. Again, please speak with your doctor.

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