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"How can one cure sore eyes?"

ZocdocAnswersHow can one cure sore eyes?


I have an infection in my right eye.


Please speak with your doctor about this question. Infections of the eyes are things that should not be treated lightly, and patients should not try to manage this sort of problem by themselves. This is because the consequences of a poorly treated eye infection can be very serious, and can result in long term complications such as vision loss or even blindness. It is important to determine if the eye has been injured by some sort of trauma that is causing the redness, or if there is some sort problem that is intrinsic to the eye itself. In the case of trauma, it may be sufficient to treat the infection with some topical medications that help to reduce the bacterial burden and soothe the eye. In the case of other problems of the eye, it can be more difficult and may require IV antibiotics and, sometimes, even a stay in the hospital. Infections of the eye can come from the skin, the nasal sinuses, and other locations, and can even start from problems back within the brain. They need to be treated seriously and quickly to have an optimal outcome. Please speak with your doctor or ophthalmologist about this soon.

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