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"I have recurrent lower abdominal pain with fever, what could it be?"

ZocdocAnswersI have recurrent lower abdominal pain with fever, what could it be?


I'm a 25 year old male. I get squeezing pain in my lower abdomen and fever up to 39 C and chills. after a few hours fever goes away and after a full day,the pain disappears. no problem with bowels, no weight loss. vomiting sometimes. I did a blood test when I went to GP which was after the pain was gone and the result ALT of 41, and Serum Ferritin of 411 but no infection was found. going to do a ultrasound of lower and upper abdomen next week but I'd like to hear your thoughts. also, this has happened 6 times in the past 6 months since I moved to my new place. So, I was thinking if environmental factors have anything to do with it. And need to say that I've got bad eating habits. most of the times I have one meal per day, don't eat a lot of vegetables and don't exercise. quite an inactive lifestyle basically which I thought maybe it has weakened my immune system. this is probably completely irrelevant but I also have coughs when I'm at home but not when I go outside. Thank you


From your description it sounds like you may have gall bladder disease, likely gall stones. I recommend that you continue to follow up with your primary care physician. You stated that your primary care doctor had ordered lab exams but was not able to find a source of infection. The next appropriate test to do is an upper abdominal ultrasound. An ultrasound of the upper quadrant is an excellent test as it is "non-invasive", relatively inexpensive, and well tolerated. It can also check for any liver cysts and hemangiomas or tumors. All things considered, gall bladder disease is highest on the list of the possibilities. Hopefully they have scheduled you for the upper abdominal ultrasound to evaluate the gallbladder rather than just a general abdominal ultrasound. If you have raging abdominal pain that comes and goes and usually triggers by a heavy meal and pain only lasting for a few hours, it is likely due to the gall stones intermittently blocking the bile duct. However, if your pain does not subside but gets worse, and is accompanied by fever and possibly nausea/vomiting, then you may have a gall bladder infection. This occurs when the stone(s) or gravel block the bile duct. Unfortunately this blockage sometimes allows trapped bacteria to proliferate and makes you very ill. Please consult your primary care physician soon. You would benefit from following up with an upper abdominal ultrasound with your PCP. Should it determine that you have significant gallstones, you should ask your PCP for a referral to a general surgeon.

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