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"I had burning lips after a kiss, what could it be?"

ZocdocAnswersI had burning lips after a kiss, what could it be?


I kissed an unknown girl (not deep kissing, and just once) but almost instantly my lips started to burn. They burned for a solid month and on/off for the last 3 months (4 months in total). Visited 3 different GP's to no avail. Ran a complete STD panel (at 11 weeks post exposure) and am negative for everything. a month after burning sensation started (a month after exposure) I have enlarged lymph nodes (neck) , fatigue, low grade fever (99-100F), headaches and muscle pain which has continued for 3 months. DR's also ran lyme, mono, hep a/b/c and also two CBC's and one CBC with Differential. Blood tests look good and normal, no positive on any other test. Dr's tried doxyclave (anti-bio) and acyclovir to see if any results but there were none with either. The burning is still constant and only isolated to my lips. My eyes are also bloodshot every morning when I wake and are dry.


I think the good news here is that you have been tested for a lot of different things, and all of the tests have been negative. This makes the possibility that you have a serious medical problem (such as a sexually transmitted infection, Lyme disease, or the other things you have been tested for) less likely. However, if symptoms are continuing then it is worth while to keep working with your primary care doctor to determine if there is something else going on. It seems unlikely that the burning of your lips after one brief kissing episode is related to all of these other symptoms. This is not the presentation of a serious infection, and the only thing that I can think of here is either that the burning sensation in the lips was totally unrelated to the kissing, or it was caused by a sudden reaction to some chemical (say, in lip stick) that you came into contact with. The symptoms of fatigue and swollen glands and muscle pain could be signs of one of many different viral infections. Sometimes certain tests, such as the mono test, may not be positive if run shortly after symptoms develop so, depending on when these tests were run, it might be worth repeating them. Please touch base again with your regular doctor, and good luck!

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