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"How safe is it to try for a baby after a missed miscarriage?"

ZocdocAnswersHow safe is it to try for a baby after a missed miscarriage?


My partner had a missed miscarriage in June and had a D&C to remove products but unfortunately they didn't get everything out and they were left in till about a month ago when her body passed it normally she's just had her first period for months we are both wanting to try again but we are not 2 sure if it's safe could you please give me some feedback on the medical side to aid our decision


I'm sorry to hear that you and your partner experienced such a protracted miscarriage. Fortunately, it sounds like things are returning to normal, which is great news. Please discuss this with your doctor. Most OB GYN doctors would recommend that a couple wait around two or three months after the miscarriage before attempting to conceive again. The logic here is that the body needs a bit of time to heal and recharge. That being said, there is no strong medical evidence that this usual advice is mandatory, because a few small studies have shown that individuals who conceive after a miscarriage earlier than this do just fine. The best thing to do would be to talk to your OB GYN doctor before attempting to conceive again. It sounds like you are probably far enough out from the miscarriage that it is safe, but my primary concern would be making sure that there was no reversible or treatable cause for the miscarriage that needs to be managed in advance of a repeat attempt at pregnancy. Your partner's OB GYN doctor knows her well and therefore will be the best person to offer advice on this point. Good luck with trying to get pregnant, but call your doctor first!

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