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"Why does the middle of my nose hurt and give me bad headaches ?"


Just out of no where i woke up a couple of days ago & right in the middle of my nose hurts as if someone punched me in my face and it hurts up to in between my eyebrow line & has been giving me very bad migraines , I have allergies but never have had any bad problems with them except small colds . What could it be ? Nothing serious i hope .


This is a great question. It is important to see your primary care doctor who is aware of your past medical history and will ask you many questions about your current symptoms and perform a physical exam. Depending on what your doctor finds during your appointment, he or she may order imaging of your head.

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From what you are describing, the pain in the center of your nose and your eyebrow line sounds like it could be coming from your sinuses. This could be caused from your allergies or it could be a viral or bacterial sinus infection. It is also possible that you have a polyp or abscess in your sinuses. Pressure in your sinuses can cause headaches and migraines. Your doctor may prescribe a nasal spray or an oral medication such as an antihistamine or decongestant to help relieve the pressure. However, there are other possible more serious conditions that could be causing your symptoms, such as a tumor, although this would be rare. Again, it is very important for you to make an appointment with your primary care doctor as soon as possible to get a correct diagnosis and obtain appropriate treatment and relief from your pain.

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