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"Five hours ago my 15 year old daughter slipped and fell on the wet bathroom floor. What should I do and exactly what trauma could that have caused her?"


Five hours ago my 15 year old daughter slipped and fell on the wet bathroom floor. what scared me is she fell backwards and the back of her head literally went through the wall. My son and I put her in my bed with me so I could put ice on her head, give her Tylenol, and check her pupils and motor skills and make sure she didn't fall asleep. Everything seemed good. But, then she started saying her neck was really hurting along with a massive headache. She said her vision was a little blurry, she was dizzy, and when she tried to eat she couldn't because her jaw hurt too bad to open her mouth and chew.What should I do and exactly what trauma could that have caused her? I need to know if I should go ahead and take my daughter to the ER


That is an excellent question and one that would be best answered by an emergency room physician or your child's pediatrician. In general, children commonly have falls and sustain minor trauma and so you shouldn't be concerned with every single fall or minor trauma that they sustain. On the other hand, in this instance, it seems that she may have had a trauma that is concerning enough that I would suggest she be evaluated on an urgent basis and headaches, neck pain, blurry vision and jaw pain are all signs of something potentially more serious.

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Neck pain after a fall can sometimes mean trauma to the cervical spine or fractures or misalignment of the bones of the spine that can cause spine damage. Headaches may suggest traumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage, or contusions of the brain, which should be monitored in an ICU setting. Visual changes also could suggest damage to the brain and therefore all of these things suggest serious problems and should be evaluated by a medical professional as soon as possible. On the other hand it is possible that these may resolve on their own without any further treatment, but only a doctor can evaluate and make that decision.

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