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"Is having a surgery for a meniscus tear considered a permanent injury?"

ZocdocAnswersIs having a surgery for a meniscus tear considered a permanent injury?


had surgery in 2012


Thank you for this interesting question. It is unclear to me if you are asking whether the surgery leads to permanent injury or if the meniscus tear itself is permanent. I strongly encourage you to discuss your concerns with an orthopedic surgeon. It is not possible to provide an accurate answer without knowing the full details of your prior injury and surgery. The meniscus is a sheet of cartilage within the knee joint that helps cushion the joint and project the leg bones from injury during the frequent impact of walking. Over time and with certain movements, often during sports, the meniscus can develop a tear. This often leads to severe joint pain. The meniscus itself has very little blood flow, making it difficult to heal on its own. Some patients receive relief through physical therapy and use of anti-inflammatory medications. Others require surgery. During surgery, the torn portion of the meniscus is trimmed and smoothed out but not repaired. For some people, this results in pain relief. Without knowing the full details of your injury and surgery, I cannot provide an accurate answer to your question. However, in general, a meniscus tear is permanent with the goal of surgery being to relieve pain. I encourage you to discuss this further with an orthopedic surgeon.

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