ZocdocAnswersWhat could be wrong with my ankle?


What could be wrong with my ankle?

Yesterday, I was sitting on the floor and apparently sat for too long, because when I stood up, I didn't even realize my left foot had fallen asleep. I took a step and "CRUNCH". Didn't feel a thing, but knew that wasn't a good sound. Once the feeling came back, I was relieved with no pain. About a hour later, I noticed just a tinge of pain, but I was unconcerned because I could still walk normally. A few more hours went by and I noticed very mild swelling on the sides of the arch area of my foot, and that I was starting to walk with a limp. Another couple hours and there was still barely any swelling, but I couldn't put an iota of weight on it, it was warm to the touch and the pain was so severe, I couldn't sleep. So, I began the P.R.I.C.E. method. When I woke up today, I am in the same boat but still barely any swelling. I don't have health insurance, so I'd like to avoid going to the doctor if they just tell me it's a mild sprain and to continue doing what I've been doing.


Sorry to hear about your problem. Also, sorry to say that I can't tell you that it is a good idea not to see a doctor. As you deduced, hearing a crunching sound is never a good thing, no matter what body part is involved. In your specific situation, you are placing a lot of value on the fact that there is not a lot of swelling. While this may be good, it is hard to say that this is a testament to the fact that there was only a minimal injury. The fact that you have both significant pain and also limitations in your ability to bear weight on the foot are both concerning. I would recommend that you speak with your doctor about this. While it is difficult when a person doesn't have insurance, there are resources available that may be able to help. Most cities will have a free clinic that can help to some degree, and may be able to point you in the right direction. Other times, you may be able to speak with a doctor's office and determine either a payment plan or negotiate a fixed rate for a visit in light of your condition. Regardless, please speak with your doctor soon.

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