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"Why do i have constant itching, specifically on the outside of my nose?"

ZocdocAnswersWhy do i have constant itching, specifically on the outside of my nose?


I have had constant itching/tickling around my nose as long as i can remember. I also experience this on the rest of my face, as well as my neck and chest, a feeling as if a hair is being dragged across the skin. I am on no medications, and do not eat white sugar or flour. I use natural cleaning products, and no facial cleansers or moisturizers other than oil. I also suffer from 'mild' tricotillomania on my face only. I have sensations around the hairs of my eye lashes and eyebrows occasionally that can only be stopped by yanking out the hair. Help!


What you are describing appears to be consistent with your current diagnosis of trichotillomania, and it is important to speak with your doctor and determine if there is any explanation for your additional symptoms or if these are just a new (to you) manifestation of your old problem. The desire or urge to pull out one's hair is a condition that has been well described. The reasons for it are not completely understood at this point, but there are likely some factors that are regulated in part by certain regions of the brain. The good news of this is that there are treatments that can be effective for some people, and these treatments are often centered around these areas of the brain that contribute to the behavior. The symptoms of an itch or tickling is not uncommon for what some people will feel, and there are websites that are devoted to those who have difficulty with this condition. By working with your doctor, you will hopefully be able to find a treatment and network that you need to help you to achieve your optimal health and not be overwhelmed by the constant sensations you describe. Please speak with your doctor.

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