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"My cheeks are swelling, what is wrong with me?"


i don't have any pain on my cheeks. i consulted ENT specialist and another doctor but still my problem is not reduced when i am smile small bubble's are appeared on my cheeks and why it was happened pls tell me.


I am sorry to hear that you have been dealing with what sounds like some sort of cheek swelling or bumps on your cheeks and that the physicians you have seen thus far haven't been able to give you any answers. I am happy to give you some of my thoughts about what might be going on, but ultimately I am going to recommend that you make another appointment with a different ENT. IT can be very helpful to get a second opinion at times.

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There are many different reasons for why you might have cheek swelling. For instance, there are large salivary glands within your cheeks in front of your ears called the parotid glands that can be swollen for different reasons (inflammatory processes, salivary duct obstruction, neoplasms, etc). The ENT should be able to examine your parotid glands and see if there is something wrong with your parotid glands. Of course there are other reasons, such as mucosal inflammation (the lining on the inside of your cheeks). There are systemic disease processes, and dermatologic processes that can cause mucosal inflammation, or blistering which may be what you are describing as 'small bubbles' on your cheeks. If the swelling is on the outside skin of your cheeks, then you may be better served by getting a second opinion from a dermatologist. Best of luck.

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