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"How can I test positive for chlamydia and my partner test negative?"


Me and my boyfriend have been having sex for a year now. I got tested for all stds back in january 2013 and my doctors office never called me or mailed me anything so I assumed all tests were negative. My doctor assured me if they found anything they would call me. I called my doctors office in august of 2013 just to check and a nurse practitioner called me back not my gyn and told me that I had tested positive for chlamydia. I was highly upset because they never told me when clearly they knew. I got treated told my boyfriend he got tested and they didnt call him so he thinks he is okay. How could I test positive for chlamydia and he doesnt? Before I had sex with him all my tests were negative, and he was the only person ive been having sex with for the past year and also we never used condoms stupid I know but I trusted him and recently I found out I wasnt the only one he has had sex with so how is this possible?


So sorry to hear about your problem and I encourage you to discuss this concern with your doctor. First, it is difficult to know the timing of when you contracted this STD. Obviously, sexually transmitted diseases are quite common and their transmission can be decreased by using barrier methods of contraception such as condoms--even though they don't always work.

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Please practice safe sex and be treated for your condition. Second, it could be that you have contracted chlamydia since being tested last time by your doctor. This would usually occur through sexual activity that you have had with someone who has the disease. As with most STDs, it is possible to be intimate with a person and not share the disease, and so it could be that your boyfriend has not been infected despite having sex with a person who does have this STD. Alternatively, he could have contracted the infection and been treated for it. Finally, there is the option that you could have had chlamydia back when you were first tested but never found out about it. While doctors hope to not have this kind of error, it is certainly possible. If you are ever tested, it is appropriate for you to follow up on the test results as well. Please speak with your doctor about this question.

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