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"I am 7 wks pregnant and I am having blood on my feces, what is wrong with me?"

ZocdocAnswersI am 7 wks pregnant and I am having blood on my feces, what is wrong with me?


But when I open my bowels the is blood on tissue it's very light in colour.


Having blood in your stool can be a very distressing problem. My first question to you is how sure you are the blood you are seeing is coming from your rectum. Blood coming from the vagina at six weeks pregnant would suggest a possible threatened miscarriage. This should prompt you to schedule an appointment with your OB/GYN right away. If the blood is coming from your rectum, the most common cause of this is hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids typically caused bleeding after a large bowel movement. The hemorrhoids themselves are simply just blood vessels in the rectum and anus which can become enlarged and break easily and bleed. Sometimes people will notice blood on their stool and other times it would just notice it on the toilet paper after they've wiped. Hemorrhoids are typically a larger problem towards the end of pregnancy but can happen any time during or even without a pregnancy. I would suggest that you schedule an appointment with your OB/GYN or primary care physician for this problem. Any rectal bleeding warrants an examination to make sure that a larger problem is not present. If the bleeding is significant, your doctor will want to perform blood test to make sure that you're not anemic from it. You might also want referral to a gastroenterologist if the bleeding continues or becomes more significant.

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