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"Do I have lung cancer?"

ZocdocAnswersDo I have lung cancer?


I had pneumonia 6 months ago and been coughing non stop for 10 months now. I suffer from constant lung and chest pain, pain under my ribcages, back pain and extreme tirednes. Since my pneumonia i have lost my appetite, lost 7 kgs and just never returned back to health. I also been now diagnosed with severe Gerd, I can barely eat without feeling sick afterwards and having stomach pain. I feel a total mess. What is wrong with me. Is there any chance I might have lung cancer


The symptoms that you're describing certainly require evaluation by physician. I cannot tell from your description how likely it is that they represent cancer. The fact that you were diagnosed with pneumonia and have not recovered much in the last six months, your doctor should be concerned that something else like me going on. It is for these reasons that I usually recommend a repeat chest x-ray 1 to 2 months after recovery from a pneumonia to make sure that the spot in the Longs representing the infection has gone away. The reason this is important is that lung cancer and pneumonia look very similar on a chest x-ray. While pneumonia is much more common and therefore is usually diagnosed initially, lung cancer sometimes in rare cases into being the actual diagnosis. While your weight-loss is concerning, I don't think that your acid reflux or your stomach pains are particularly specific for lung cancer. Finally, if you have been a lifelong non-smoker, the chances this is long cancer is quite low. I would suggest that you schedule an appointment with your primary care physician to discuss these symptoms. Most likely, your doctor will want to order a repeat chest x-ray to ensure that the consolidation that represented your pneumonia has resolved.

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