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"I have reaction to allergy shots, what should I do?"

ZocdocAnswersI have reaction to allergy shots, what should I do?


i'm allergic to ragweed and need 10 injections during the ragweed season. but the problem is I had a reaction to some doses which had to be repeated twice. I didn't even make it to the maintenance does during the ragweed season. so I called the allergist and he said I should have had the 10 injections during the season and not after and to discontinue shots and start again next season. what should I do?


Thanks for your question. In general, if you are working with a specialist in a field, it is good to follow the recommendations of that physician. It is difficult for another doctor to walk into the situation without knowing the entire story and the patient's past medical history and try to change the plan, as he or she is unlikely to understand the nuances that come into play with each patient and the differences that they have. In your situation, your doctor has made some recommendations for you about how to reach the best situation for your health. If you have concerns about these recommendations, it will take a more formal evaluation to change the plan that has already been developed. This may be entirely appropriate, and can be completed via a second opinion. There are likely other qualified allergists in your community with whom you could discuss this question in the appropriate format to get you the answer that you need. Obviously, you have significant allergies that will require further treatment. If you are able to establish a line of communication with a doctor whom you trust, this will help you to feel better. Please speak with your doctor.

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