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"I had rapid weight loss. What could be wrong with me?"

ZocdocAnswersI had rapid weight loss. What could be wrong with me?


So I was weighing a month ago 230 lbs. And in less then one month I dropped to 195 lbs. I'm not on any specail diet nore have I been doing anything different with in my the same time wounds are not helling there staying open longer and the smalliest of cut get infected in les then a day even when I keep them clean


Thank you for your question. Please speak with your doctor, as these signs point towards something that will need treatment or intervention to help you return to your optimal health. While I am not exactly sure what could be causing these sorts of problems, most people agree that any unplanned weight loss should be discussed with your doctor. While most of us can stand to be a bit thinner, this is often a danger sign when it happens without planning. It can often indicate either than calories are not being effectively harvested, or that they are either being lost (as through some conditions that will cause spilling of sugar or other energy sources via urine or stool) or are being used faster than they can be taken in. One condition that can both impair healing and cause rapid weight loss include diabetes, which can also be heralded by intense thirst despite drinking quite a bit of water. Please speak with your doctor about your current condition, as not treating any of the symptoms that you are describing can result in a delayed diagnosis that can cause many problems for you in the long and short term. Please speak with your doctor.

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