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"how long is my period suppose to last?"

ZocdocAnswershow long is my period suppose to last?


I am 24, I've had a baby and a c-section, so I am worried that I still have my period and its been 13 days already, I want it to go away already! Do you think its serious? Please help ASAP


So sorry to hear about the prolonged bleeding. I recommend that you speak with your doctor about your question. This can have many different causes. Depending on how long after your recent pregnancy it is, there may be a number of different causes. If the bleeding is especially heavy or painful, it may suggest a need to speak with a doctor more quickly, or even to go to the emergency department. While it is normal to menstruate normally after giving birth, there is usually a several month hiatus from menstruation as the body is recovering. This may be longer if you are breast feeding. In your specific case, it does sound like this cycle is longer than normal, and your doctor may be able to provide some assistance to help you understand why and what needs to be done. There are many causes of prolonged periods and menstruation, some of which can be serious. Trauma, infection, abnormal mucosa, changes to the uterus, are just a few possibilities that your doctor will consider, and he or she may feel that it is necessary to complete some imaging of your abdomen to more fully understand what is happening. Please speak with your doctor more fully about this question to get the help you need.

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