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"My girlfriend has a yeast infection and took Monistat 1 four days ago. Can she take alcohol? "

ZocdocAnswersMy girlfriend has a yeast infection and took Monistat 1 four days ago. Can she take alcohol?


She's wondering if alcohol will interfere with the Monistat.


Monistat is a medication that is used for yeast infections, I recommend that she discuss this with a doctor. It is another name for the medication miconazole which is a type of anti fungal medication that is very commonly used for these types of infections. Monistat is usually used vaginally which means that the medication does not get absorbed into the body to a great extent. For this reason, drinking alcohol will probably not interfere with this medication. There are other types of medications that are very similar to miconazole that are taken by mouth. These medications can interact with alcohol and should never be taken with alcohol unless you are talk to your doctor because of the risk of liver damage. Of note, the medication Flagyl which is also often used for vaginal infections should not be taken with alcohol because it causes significant reaction and can make a person feel very sick. Whenever you or your girlfriend are prescribed a new medication, it is always a good idea to ask your doctor what to do's and don'ts are while you were on the medication. For this, I would suggest that she schedule an appointment with her primary care physician. This way they can discuss what medications she is on and what the risks are with drinking alcohol while on them. Good luck.

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