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I had an exploratory surgery yesterday for pain in my left ovary. Can one ovary be smooth and white and the other lumpy and red and they are both healthy?

The doctor said he couldnt find the source of my pain and everything looked fine. I have pictures of both ovaries. In looking at the pictures I recieved for the surgery, my right ovary looks healthy, with a smooth white covering. Shaped like an oval. My left ovary is lumpy and has red lesions all over it. Is this normal. Can one ovary be smooth and white and the other lumpy and red and they are both healthy?
This is an interesting question. The short answer is that the ovaries can and often do appear different. Many people will have different cysts and other small swellings that can appear on their surface. At other times, the differences in the color and appearance can be just an artifact of how and when the picture was taken. For example, if the angle was different or there was a spot of blood on the camera lens when the shot was taken. This is why it is so important to talk with your doctor about the results, as he or she would be able to normalize what you are seeing and relate if there was anything concerning from his or her standpoint. A single image is just a static snap in time, and is not as good as the thorough examination that your surgeon would be able to complete at the time of surgery. While this is one possible explanation, it is important to discuss your concerns with your surgeon, especially if you are still having symptoms. Please speak with your surgeon about this question.
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