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"What does high PLT in a blood analyses mean?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat does high PLT in a blood analyses mean?


Hi, I've recently done blood analyses for my 6 years old daughter and appeared that she's having high PLT (platelet) , could you please tell me what is the reason? she'sjust recovered from scarlet fever, can this be a reason?


I would suggest that you have your daughter follow up with her pediatrician for this review blood work sometime soon. Platelets are a type of blood cell that are involved in formation of clots. They very important whenever you get a cut or anything that causes bleeding. They are essential for the formation of blood clots to stop bleeding. There is a very wide range of what is normal for platelet levels. Without knowing exactly what your daughter's platelet levels are, it is hard to say how abnormal they are. Certainly if they were slightly above the upper limit of normal this might not be concerning. If they were three times the upper limit of normal, then this might represent a blood condition but at this time it is hard to say that. I will say that having low platelets is much more concerning than having high platelets. Having low platelets can make you susceptible to bleeding as blood clotting would be impaired. When somebody comes to me with the blood counts showing platelet levels that are slightly higher than normal, I will typically just re-check them a few months later to see if they come down. Sometimes an acute illness such as what your daughter experienced can result in the platelet levels decreasing for a short period of time. Again, I would suggest that you have your daughter follow up with her pediatrician for this review blood work sometime soon.

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