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"I obtained a jones fracture by falling down steps outdoors. How long does this fracture take to typically heal?"

ZocdocAnswersI obtained a jones fracture by falling down steps outdoors. How long does this fracture take to typically heal?


I obtained a jones fracture by falling down steps outdoors. I walked on the foot for 4 days as well as traveled. About a week later I fianlly made it to the emergency and was placed in a cast for swelling to do down. A week later I went and the sewlling had gone down significantly. I was placed into a plaster cast and have now been in it for a full 9 weeks. I went for xrays and the gap had closed but the line in the bone is still present. The doctor was unable to look at my xrays and I have to wait for my appointment. I have been non-weight bearing now for 9 weeks. How long does this fracture take to typically heal? I am concerned about not using my foot now for a full 9 weeks and walking after the cast comes off. Any information would be great. Kind Regards


I'm sorry to hear about your injury and I recommend that you speak with your doctor or orthopaedic surgeon. To start off, it is important to discuss your diagnosis of a Jones fracture. To be very clear, a Jones fracture is a very specific break at the base of the 5th metatarsal bone at the "watershed" area of the bone where blood supply is very tenuous. This injury is very often mislabeled and confused with an avulsion fracture of that same bone, which occurs at the tip of the bone. The reason I harp on this is because these injuries look similar, are very often confused for each other, and are treated very differently. A Jones fracture should be fixed surgically because the fracture occurs in an area of the bone that receives very poor blood supply, which is important for bone healing. A Jones fracture is usually treated by placing a screw across the fracture site. Alternatively, an avulsion fracture can be treated with immobilization in the form of a cast or a pneumatic walking boot. Bone healing in otherwise healthy adults usually takes six to eight weeks. If your injury was truly a Jones fracture, you may require surgery to adequately treat your injury. On the other hand, if your injury was an avulsion fracture, it may be healed after nine weeks. Either way, you should get evaluated soon by your doctor or orthopaedic surgeon to delineate between these two injuries.

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