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"Doctors say energy saving light bulb have mercury and it could cause cancer. Is it true?"

ZocdocAnswersDoctors say energy saving light bulb have mercury and it could cause cancer. Is it true?


Docters say energy saving light bulb have mercury when we turn them on the mercury escape and mercury cause cancer is this true its offiicial?


Thanks for your question. This is certainly an interesting point, and one that I have not heard before. I recommend that you speak with your doctor about this question in more detail. There are a number of different exposures that we all come into contact with throughout our lives, and many of these can be serious. Over time, especially, these things can add up to cause serious problems such as cancer. Some of the best known examples of this are things such as tobacco and even alcohol, which are consumed by many individuals. With regards to light bulbs releasing mercury, that is something that I have not heard before as a physician. While there are many different brands of light bulbs, some of which may contain harmful substances, the majority of light bulbs are designed to be safe when used as directed. If you have a specific concern about a type of bulb, speaking with the manufacturer or even the government agency that regulates environmental concerns and customer safety could be able to help you get more information. Most manufacturers are required to list any harmful substances, and also any situations that could present a danger to consumers. Please speak with your doctor about this question in more detail, and provide specifics if they are available.

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