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"Can wearing multiple bras stop your breast growth?"

ZocdocAnswersCan wearing multiple bras stop your breast growth?


My friend told me she use to wear 3-4 bras for a whole year while she was growing up and that she thinks it's stopped her breast growing cause after that she haven't grown can that actually happen?


There are many factors that determine when breasts begin to grows and what size and shape they eventually reach. I recommend that you speak with your primary care doctor. Most of the time, these factors are general genetic factors and they cannot be influenced but also are not concerning for an underlying condition. In other words, most individuals with small breasts or with larger breasts do not have a medical condition affecting breast growth. It is also not the case that placing pressure on the breasts, like might occur from wearing several bras at the same time, will alter the final outcome of breast growth. It sounds like your friend may have had smaller breasts and this could have been why she wore several bras at the same time. However, this practice almost certainly did not affect her final breast size. Occasionally, small breasts may be a sign of an underline gynecologic or endocrine disorder, especially if there are other signs of altered puberty, such as failure to menstruate or develop normal pubic hair. If your friend has any concerns along these lines, then the best thing to do would be to recommend to her that she set up a visit with your primary care doctor to discuss her concerns and be evaluated.

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