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"What all happens during a threatened miscarriage?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat all happens during a threatened miscarriage?


I went to the doctor yesterday and they said I had a bad uti and that I was at high risk of threatened miscarriage. They also said my cervix was opened but only like a crack. What should I expect? Is it possable maybe I'm havin twins.


A threatened miscarriage, also known as a threatened abortion, is when a pregnant woman has symptoms that make a miscarriage in the near future more likely. The usual symptom of a threatened miscarriage is vaginal bleeding early on in the pregnancy. Pelvic pain can also be a symptom of a threatened miscarriage. The workup for such a problem starts off with a detailed pelvic exam. It sounds like this was done as they told you that your cervix was slightly opened. The work up that usually occurs next is a pelvic ultrasound. The pelvic ultrasound is done to look for an intrauterine pregnancy. This is basically just to make sure that your pregnancy is in the right spot. Depending on how far along you are, they could tell if you are having twins. In this case your symptoms do not suggest the twins are a possibility, but they do not rule it out either. One additional tests that would need to be sent off as a serum HCG, which can give your doctor some indication if the pregnancy is likely to miscarry. For this problem, I suggest that you schedule an appointment with OBGYN so that this workup can be completed and you can get answers. Good luck.

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