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"What is wrong with my leg?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat is wrong with my leg?


Two large swollen areas on left calf one in front one on back about 3 inches under knee. They have a bruised center with red dots and those areas are sore but the rest on my leg is fine as long as there's no pressure on those areas. I've had is for about two days and there are no visible bug bite marks but sometimes they are itchy , I have mosquito bites on my other knee but they are fine I do not remember bumping them on anything. They showed up one morning but idk why, I've tried ice, ointment, and rest. Please help


Thanks for your question. There are obviously lots of different possible explanations for random bumps and bruises that people will have. So it is important to speak with your doctor. One of the most commonly blamed is spider bites, which people tend to blame for all sorts of random injuries. In actuality, there is little evidence to suggest that spider bites is the actual cause of these. Something that does come to mind is the bite of a tick, as these can sometimes have a center in the middle of a bruise that makes them look something like a target sign or a bulls eye. If you are in an area where lyme disease and ticks are a problem, then that could be something that your doctor considers. He or she would likely ask about your exposure to nature and other situations in which you could have been exposed to any sort of vector that could share these sorts of conditions. There are other kinds of trauma that can result in these sorts of symptoms, and there are also some medical conditions that can result in abnormal skin findings as well. Please speak with your doctor about this problem to get the help that you need. A dermatologist may help.

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