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"What drug is used for dry and flaking skin?"

ZocdocAnswersWhat drug is used for dry and flaking skin?


I have flaking on and around my nose and chin and a little on my cheeks near my nose.i think it could be psoriasis..Or something else .. I have had it on the crease of my chin for many years,now it is in all the areas I mention and it's gotten really bad..Help please:/


So sorry to hear about your chronic problem and I recommend that you speak with a dermatologist. The first thing to determine is whether or not your skin is too dry or too oily, or if there is something more significant that is causing the problem such as you suggest. A deep seated problem such as psoriasis will obviously require more involved treatment than a simple problem with keeping your skin appropriately hydrated. Many people will find that drinking more water and using an appropriate moisturizer on a regular basis can help them to clear up problems such as you describe. Given that you imply that his problem has been going on for some time, there may be more issues that need to be treated. Sometimes these conditions will have to do with the normal maturation process of the skin, as it usually has a well defined process of developing and then sloughing off to expose the younger, healthier skin underneath. Sometimes, people can have some excellent results from over the counter products that help to decrease oils and dead skin that isn't being cleaned off adequately. Fortunately, a dermatologist will likely be able to help you with this problem, both with finding out why and also treating. Please speak with your doctor.

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