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"Are ADHD meds required for incessant rocking?"

ZocdocAnswersAre ADHD meds required for incessant rocking?


I have rocked back and forth any time I am sitting still (especially when there is music). I now do it as an adult even when I am driving. I also move my legs as though I am pumped up for something but I am really just sitting there trying to relax. I have yet to ask a doctor about it and am just wondering what to expect him/her to say.


Thank you for your question regarding frequent body movements and an inability to relax. Diagnosing conditions such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can be extremely difficult because they are conditions which are not completely understood and must be made on a subjective basis. I recommend that you visit your doctor. ADHD is characterized by a number of features related to an inability to remain focused or attentive, impulsive and disruptive behavior, and hyperactivity. For an official diagnosis, these symptoms must be observed in a number of different environments such as school, work, and home. The symptoms of hyperactivity can be varied. It can include things such as having trouble sitting still so that you are need to be constantly moving or fidgeting, or can be evidenced by impatience or impulsiveness in social situations (such as interrupting during conversations or blurting out comments inappropriately) which are more common in adults. There are other conditions which may have overlapping features. Restless leg syndrome, for example, is a disorder characterized by the need to move one's body, but it is usually in response to an uncomfortable, difficult to describe urge or sensation. This sensation can be particularly pronounced during periods of sitting still or sleeping and only seemed relieved by movement of the affected body part. I would encourage you to visit your doctor who can review your medical history and better determine what might be the cause of your symptoms.

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