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"Could I have thyroid issues?"


I am on my first month off birth control and there is no sign of my period, however I have hair loss (pretty extreme) and bloating, what could possibly be happening?


It sounds like you might have we call secondary amenorrhea. This is when a woman has normal periods at one point in life, but then later on develops the irregular periods or stops having them altogether. There are many different causes of this problem.

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You are correct that you should have your thyroid function tested. Hypothyroidism is very common and can cause irregular cycles. Hair loss and bloating can also be symptoms of this. To be tested for hypothyroidism, you need to have your thyroid stimulating hormone or TSH checked. This can be done by your primary care physician. If this is normal, and the next condition that needs to be looked at is something called polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS. This is a condition that can cause many of the same symptoms. Women that have PCOS generally have irregular cycles, weight gain, high blood pressure, and sometimes diabetes. Some women complain of hair loss in some areas of their body and hair growth in other areas. One of the symptoms is a abnormal pattern appear growth called hirsutism which is hair growth on the face. If PCOS is suspected, then your primary care physician may refer you to an OB/GYN for further evaluation. Good luck.

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