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"Do I have an infection?"

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Hallo, I had a septoplasty four weeks ago. I'm still getting some bleeding and a yellow discharge which smells bad. On the day of week 4 me and my boyfriend had a fight and he hit me full on my nose with his head, my nose were bleeding very bad, went to hospital, they took X-rays and said everything looks fine, but now I can't smell or taste most things and I have spot bleeinding and it looks like a yellow discharge coming from my nose, I think its been infected now? I also have terrible headaches, the left side of my face hurts so bad, cheeks, head even my teeth and jaw. My follow up appointment is only in 3 days time.


I definitely think that an infection is a possibility here, as is a fracture from the trauma that wasn't diagnosed on prior x-rays. I'm concerned by the worsening pain and by the discharge coming from your nose. For these reasons, I would not recommend waiting and doing nothing for the next three days before being evaluated. Rather, I think you should call the ENT doctor who performed the surgery in the first place and tell them what is going on and seek advice. Make sure to let them know about all the symptoms you described to me. Also make sure to mention if you have had any fevers, as this is another sign of infection. If you can't get in touch with your ENT doctor then it would not be unreasonable to seek a repeat evaluation in the emergency department again since, if anything, your symptoms have worsened since your discharge from the emergency room. My concern about waiting without seeking advice would be that, if this is the start of an infection, in may require antibiotics and it could worsen rapidly over the next several days if treatment is not started in a timely fashion. Good luck!

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