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"I am having headache and eye pain, what could it be?"

ZocdocAnswersI am having headache and eye pain, what could it be?


i has trouble to move my left eye because about my headache


Thanks for your question. The first concern that I would have is about why you are not able to move your eye correctly. This is the sort of problem that requires immediate evaluation to make sure that your vision remains unaffected for the long term. Vision is something that needs to be treated in a very urgent fashion in some cases to avoid long term consequences, so please speak with your doctor about this immediately, and you may need to even go to the emergency department. Infections can sometimes cause significant headaches and put pressure on your eyes that can limit full range of motion. In some cases, such an infection would require both antibiotics and perhaps surgery to make sure that the long term vision is unaffected and that you heal fully and in a timely fashion. There are also some masses that can put pressure on nerves and cause pain, and may likewise affect the nerves or muscles of the eye that lead to movement. As there are many other possible explanations, some of which are not so serious, it is important to discuss all of this with your doctor to make sure that you are treated right. Please speak with your doctor.

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