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"I have a possible sinus infection, what should I do?"

ZocdocAnswersI have a possible sinus infection, what should I do?


Day one my ear started clicking. Woke up day two with stuffy nose(white mucus), regular cough (no mucus), sore throat , feeling alot of pressure on my ears, forehead, nose. Day three little better but still stuffy nose(yellow mucus), very minimum cough, minimum sore throat, feeling like vomiting at times (eating helps), ears feel like I can hear but cloudy or distant( worsen when plowing my nose). I think it's a sinus track infection that could have started from my ear went to my sinus track & then my throat, my question is am I right! Is it a bacterial or virus or allergy caused ? What medication should I use.


Sorry that you have been sick and you are worried that you may have a sinus infection. I am happy to give you some information, and tell you what I think may be going on, but I am also going to recommend that you go see an ENT (Ear Nose Throat) physician to be evaluated. They will be able to tell you with certainty whether you have a sinus infection or not. First of all, from the sounds of it you probably do not have a sinus infection (at least by definition). To truly have a sinus infection, you need to have sinus symptoms (ex. nasal congestion/obstruction, anosmia (inability to smell), pain, and drainage) for at least 2 weeks. It doesn't sound like you have those symptoms, or for that long. Also, a sore throat is not typically related to a sinus infection. It sounds to me like you are coming down with a viral URI (upper respiratory tract infection). In addition, you may be suffering from some transient eustachian tube dysfunction (the tube that brings air from the back of your nose to your ear isn't working properly). This is likely due to the swelling from the URI. The best way to find out if this is correct is to go to an ENT to be evaluated. Best of luck.

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