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"How often is a vein nicked during breast biopsy?"

ZocdocAnswersHow often is a vein nicked during breast biopsy?


I had a HUGE hematoma on breast and had to be taken to OR for surgery to stop bleeding. Terrified of ever needing another biopsy.


I would say that significant bleeding from a breast biopsy is a fairly unusual problem. While certainly small veins are probably nicked in many breast biopsies, a large vein that is punctured resulting in significant bleeding with a huge hematoma is very unusual. The fact that you had to go to the operating room for surgery to stop the bleeding means that this was not a small deal. While I certainly hope that you never need another breast biopsy, if I was taking care of you I will probably do a further workup to find out why you bled so much prior to having you undergo any kind of additional biopsy. For this, I would suggest that you start off by scheduling an appointment with your primary care physician. Primary care doctors are very capable of sending off workups for bleeding issues. Your doctor should send off basic coagulopathy studies including PT, PTT, INR, platelet levels, among others depending on what your doctor thinks. I would also want to know if you have had problems with heavy menstrual bleeding in the past as this would prompt me to send additional studies. If something comes back abnormal, then you can potentially be referred to a hematologist for further evaluation.

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