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"Penis is numb. It it something serious?"

ZocdocAnswersPenis is numb. It it something serious?


I dropped a heavy box on the head of my penis and now it's numb


If you have injured your penis and now have new symptoms of numbness, I recommend that you see a urologist or other professional healthcare provider for a formal evaluation. Traumatic injury to the penis can result in multiple issues, some benign and others more serious. Crush injury may result in damage to the tissue, vessels and nerves of the penis. The tip of the penis has multiple sensory nerve endings that are important in sensation during intercourse. Injury to this region of the penis may cause transient damage resulting in numbness, which typically improves over minutes to hours. However, persistent numbness may suggest a more serious injury that should be evaluated by a healthcare provider. Injury to the vessels of the penis may result in bruising, swelling and discoloration, which can be painful. If the skin is compromised there may be bleeding. Abnormal discoloration or swelling of the penis should be evaluated by a doctor. Finally, damage to the soft tissue of the penis may resulting in scarring that can potentially cause fibrosis resulting in abnormal curvature of the penis. This injury is rare is caused by high force torque on the shaft of the penis. If your symptoms persist, you should seek medical attention.

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