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"Can a teen do a water/juice fast? "

ZocdocAnswersCan a teen do a water/juice fast?


Hi, I'm 15 years old (almost 16). Female, 170lbs, 5"7. Ive been wanting to lose weight and get healthy for a while. I've recently decided to go vegan and have been thinking about doing a water/juice fast. Ideally I'd like to go for 20-30 days, and I've seen other people do it, but most were older people. I was just wondering if I'd be healthy for me to do it, I want to really bad, but I still wanna be healthy and make sure nothing bad will happen. So should I? Can I? If yes then how long? Please help! Thanks <3


Thanks for this question. In general, most intense diets like what you describe would not be advised for most teens and I recommend speaking with your doctor about this question. During this time of life, there is much that goes into development on multiple levels, and adequate nutrition is vital to ensure your long term health. While trying to be fit is admirable, such aggressive attempts to lose weight may offer more harm than good. Additionally, most doctors feel that such a diet is not entirely sustainable, and could lead to a yo-yo diet phenomena, where you lose weight quickly but then gain it back quickly as well, which most people do not feel is a healthy method to lose weight. So what should you do? First, speak with your doctor. While avoiding animal products is not entirely unhealthy for some people, it requires a very thorough understanding of the additional vitamins and minerals that you will need to get from other, uncommon, sources. It can be difficult for anyone to remain healthy for a long time with these diets, although, when done correctly, they can contribute to apparent good health for some. Your doctor will also have some healthy options to use to lose weight. Please speak with your doctor.

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